Scientific Studies

Research Data
The HomeGuard™ Subterranean Termite Monitoring System System was developed from careful analysis and evaluation of scientific research studies conducted by entomologists on the foraging habits of subterranean termites. Findings by Ettershank and Ettershank determined that termites do not randomly forage. They, in fact, actually seek specific food-source locations by sensing temperature gradients in the earth's surface. The patented HomeGuard™ Bait System creates an exaggerated "thermal shadow" that attracts termites naturally.

Field Studies
Once the system was developed, it was field tested in a variety of conditions and locations for over 3 years. The results of these studies proved the effectiveness of the sytem. The number of "hits" recorded far exceeded results in other systems—average in one study was over 2,700.

Thermal Shadowing
One of the unique features that makes the HomeGuard™ System so effective is its ability to create an eggagerated "Thermal Shadow". This phenomenon has been proven to attract termites naturally. Furthermore, the patented design of the HomeGuard™ monitoring station creates thermal dynamic transfers which perpetuate this process and maintain the matrix effectiveness for extended periods.

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